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Development Of An Adaptive Learning Model With Interactions On Tablets

ธิดารัตน์ จอดนอก, ดร. กฤษมันต์ วัฒนาณรงค์


The purposes of this study were to develop and validate the efficiency of an adaptive learning model in which interactions were used via tablets and compare the learning achievement of the students studied through the developed learning model and studied with usual instruction.  The samples were 92 second-year students of 4 sections studied in the Faculty of Education, the second semester of academic year 2013, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University.  They were divided into two groups, 52 students of 2 sections for experimental group and 40 students of 2 sections for control group.  The efficiency of the developed adaptive learning program was at 80.17 percent computed by using KW-CAI formulae. Data were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, t-test, and analysis of covariance statistics (ANCOVAs).  The findings indicated that the panel of experts accepted the developed adaptive learning model, the contents, the techniques for developing the web-based adaptive learning model, and the techniques for developing of adaptive learning application respectively.  There was a significant difference at the level of .01 between the pretest and posttest score of the experimental group. The posttest scores were higher than pretest scores.  There was a significant difference at the level of .01 between the scores of experimental group and control group. The mean score of the experimental group was higher than the control group.  The comparisons between the  posttest scores of upper group, intermediate group, and lower group of students in the experimental group which studied through the adaptive learning programs by using analysis of covariance statistic (ANCOVAs) in which the pretest scores were used as covariates indicated that there was no significant difference at the level of .01.  The students rated their satisfactions of the adaptive learning program at a “much” level.


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