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Development of design procedure of clectronic bookfor U-learning Using ARCS model

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E-book is one of the important media for U-learning using, so it has be created efficiently for studying anywhere and anytime. U-learnig using ARCS model which are 1) the structure of E-book, 2) multimedia, and 3) hyperlink Moreover, the eleven steps to design E-book for U-learning using ARCS model are analyzing the target of the  E-book, analyzing the characteristics of learners, specifying the objectives and contents, designing how to motivate students, designing and creating activities or exercise for enhancing students' confidence, designing the hyperlink for creating links for creating links, writing script and making story board, testing the validity of story ARCS model will motivate students to study througt E-book efficiently according to the objrctives of the books. The objectives of this research are 1) to study the opinion of expert about the process of designing E-book for U-learning using ARCS model and 2) to develop and present the process of designing E-book for U-learning using ARCS model. The research results show that there are are  three factors fot studing though E-book for board by experts, creating e-book ,and evaluating the effectiveness of E-book.



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