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Development of New Activity Module for Moodle Plug-in

Sirichai Namburi, Nidapan Sureerattanan, Monchai Thianthong


Moodle is an open source for an e-Learning, one of the Learning Management System (LMS). The development of the program was separated according to each main function which is called “module”. The objectives of this study were: to investigate Moodle technology; try to implement; manage an e-Learning system through Moodle and evaluate the student’s satisfaction, to investigate software module components; the way to develop module and try to constructed the prototype of new module plug-in for Moodle. According to this study, the experiment was carried out through the Information for Life course which was implemented in the second semester, 2008 Academic Year for 14 weeks period time. 41 students with 9 chapters of course content are used as data analysis. The online satisfaction questionnaire was used as a data collection tool. The data were analyzed by using statistic mean. The findings were: Moodle was able to managed an e-Learning system efficiently. The students’ satisfaction was at the level of good as it was mean ( x ) as 3.99 . Moodle was able to track and record the details of learners’ behavior. The XMLDB editor was employed as a tool for database management. The module template file was used for outlining in order to develop the new activity module “ontime” (prototype). This ontime module and its database could automatically and successfully install. The next step of the study is to develop the assessment pattern to evaluate learners’ behavior which is related to punctuality, diligence, intention and work acceptance. This is to construct the complete module plug-in for Moodle. In addition, the intention of this study is to interpret the scores of learners’ affective domain in an e-Learning system. Including to set the experimental research to examine the new software module efficiency.


e-Learning; Learning Management System; Moodle; Evaluation; Affective Domain

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