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Factors Influencing Permeability of Fine Grained Soil Admixed with Cement

Panich Voottipruex, Thanakrit Tipmontree, Chairat Teerawattanasuk


This research was to study factors influencing permeability of a fine grained soil admixed with cement. The fine grained soil sample was natural clay mixed with silt at 0% 15% 30% and 40% by weight of dry soil sample. The cement was mixed in the amount of 7.5% 15% and 20% by weight of dry soil specimens and was then cured at 7 days and 28 days. Triaxial permeability test with two back pressure systems was conducted in the research. From the study, it could be observed that permeability in fine grained soil increases as silt content increases but when the cement admixed clay increases the cement hydration process that occurs properly within 28 days curing periods.


Fine grain soil; Permeability; Pore size.

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