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Economic Dispatch with Transmission Network Losses Using Genetic Algorithm

Pichet Sriyanyong, Thanathorn Jan-o


This research presents the development of Genetic Algorithm (GA) method application in Economic Dispatch (ED) problem considering transmission line losses as well as the operating constraints i.e. power balance constraint, and operating limit constraints. The main aim of this research is to enhance the performance of the traditional Genetic Algorithm by combining with a heuristic approach so as to improve the quality of the population and prevent the solutions from violating the constraints. The performance of the proposed GA method is validated by testing on two of different characteristics of cost function. In this study, two different cost functions are therefore adopted as follows: (1) ED problem with smooth cost function, (2) ED problem with non-smooth cost function. In addition, the transmission network losses are taken into account as well. The outcome from the experiment shows that the proposed GA method has provided a good performance compared with the traditional methods. Moreover, it can be applied to solve ED problem considering other constraints that make the ED problem more practical.


Economic Dispatch; Genetic Algorithm; Heuristic Approach

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