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Faculty Satisfaction and Organization Commitmentfollowing Academy Adaptation to an Autonomous University(KMUTNB)

Sompis Yoosuksawadth


AbstractThe study aimed to explore general status, contentment, and organization commitment among faculty of College of Industrial Technology, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok subsequent to the institution adaptation into a state autonomous university. The samples consisted of 228 faculty members taking charge in the semester 2/2009. The instrument was a 5-rating scale questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation via a statistical package program. As results, the majority of the respondents were male (73.38%), with the average age of 37.30 years, and maintained married status. Most faculty members attained a Master's degree. Over half of the samples (56.84%) held the Lecturer position, followed by those occupying Assistant Professor title. The participants on the whole maintained the status of academic staff, experiencing 14.6 year average tenure. Their monthly average earnings reached 38,650 baht.Overall faculty satisfaction and organization commitment in terms of status, academic settings, and organization structures were revealed in a medium level (


Satisfaction; Organization Commitment; College of Industrial Technology

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