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A Study of Bangkok Consumers’ Buying Behavior and Factors Affecting Their Decision to Buy Instant Soup

Sukanya Chaiklang, Worapoj Sriwongkol


The purposes of this study were to investigate the consumers’ buying behavior and factors affecting their decision to buy instant soup in marketing Mix ‘4 Ps product price place and promotion. The informants of this study were 400 people with the age of 15 years upward, living in Bangkok. Questionnaires were used to collect the data. Frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, Chi-square, t-test, ANOVA, and Scheffe. At results, Regarding the significance level of factors affecting decision to buy instant soup, it was rated, as a whole, by aspects and by items at a high level. However, the detailed investigation revealed that the items related to having standards signs, manufacturing and expiry dates were rated at the highest level. The comparison of the significance level in status of sex revealed differences as a whole, in two aspects which were products and distribution place, and in two items including nutrition information and goods placing. Female consumers recognized the significance of such matters more than male. However, consumers with different educational background differently viewed two items related to goods brands and placing. Those having higher degrees recognized the importance of such factors more than those having lower educational background. The statistic significance level of this study was set at .05.


instant soup; decision to buy instant soup; buying behavior

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