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The Development of Multimedia Package in the Teaching on AC Circuit Theory

Surapan Tansriwong, Suriyawut Saovakhon


The objective of this research is to develop multimedia package approach in the teaching on AC circuit theory. Research methodology consisted of 4 steps: analysis of content and learning objective, multimedia design, software and hardware development and quality evaluation. The development show that the multimedia package consists of the teaching's guide, power point presentation, artificial experiment with simulation program which can be demonstrated on AC circuit theory. The average opinion on the quality of the multimedia package of five experts who had an AC circuit teaching experience in undergraduate is in a very good level (X4.67=), the average of learning effectiveness of the sampling group is 72.71 percent, while the mean of satisfaction is in a high level (X4.16=). Conclusions, the developed multimedia package has a sufficient quality which can be used for learning and teaching on AC circuit theory.


Multimedia Package; AC Circuit

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