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Comparative Study of Academic Achievement Between Students from theGood Student Program and the Regular Program

Titipong Lertwiriyaprapa, Onusa Khumkleang, Sirirak Khemapirak


This paper presents the comparative study of the academic achievement between students from the good student program and the regular program by using a comparative statistic. The data used in this study comes from the achievement score of two sample groups of students of the Department of Teacher Training in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technical Education, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. The two sample groups are the students from the good student program and the students from the regular program. The achievement score from the sample groups is analyzed by using the averaged achievement score on selected subjects. The selected subjects are divided into 2 groups namely fundamental group and engineering group. The results show that the averaged achievement score of the students from the good student program is slightly better than that of the students from the regular program. This research also found that the achievement score from both student groups is quite low approximately in between 1.5 and 2.5 or D+ and C+, respectively. From the results, this research can conclude 3 aspects of the problems which may be the reasons of reducing the number of students, namely 1. the tutorial session for prospective students 2. the method of recruiting students and 3. the diligent and concentration of students.


comparative study; academic achievement; good student program; regular program

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