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Teaching Results by Collaborative Learning Model by using Towards Learning Achievement Studying Engineering Mechanics Concerning Equilibrium of First Year Diploma Students in Mechanical Technology Program of Loei Technical College

Put Thumsuna


The objectives of this research were to study and compare learning achievements of the sampling groups who studied Engineering Mechanics (Statics) concerning equilibrium by using STAD (Student Teams Achievement Division) model in the learning activity and the normal teaching group. The sampling group was first-year diploma students who were studying Engineering Mechanics course concerning Equilibrium at Loei Technical College. The samples were divided into two groups of 30 - experimental group (first-year diploma students: group 3 and 7) were to learn by using STAD model; and control group (first-year diploma students; group 5 and 6) were the normal teaching group. The standardized instruments consisted of STAD lesson plans, normal teaching lesson plans, from evaluation was average at high level (x=4.22, S.D.= 0.56), the achievement tests has index of consistency value (IOC) was 1, the achievement tests which to be 4 choices about 20 question has difficulty index (p) between 0.26-0.76 , discriminative index (D) between 0.20-0.60, reliability (r) index was 0.68 and Subjective test which calculate about 3 question has the difficulty index (p) between 0.53-0.80, discriminative index (D) between 0.29-0.75 and reliability (r) index was 0.93. Using the quasi experimental research design by the pretest and posttest on the two groups was conducted in this research. Computer program, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, dependent t-test and independent t-test were applied for data analysis .The results were : In comparison, the learning achievements of the experimental and the control groups were significantly different by The learning achievement of the experimental group with STAD model lesson plans was statistically significant higher than that of the control group with normal teaching lesson plans at the level of 0.01


Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD); Learning and Teaching; Engineering Mechanics (Statics); Equilibrium

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