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Factors Affecting Work Performance of Ground Officers at Donmueang International Airport

Rungtiwa Suda, Kongsak Chomchum, Waraporn Temkaew


This Thesis aims to 1) study current condition on operation, 2) study internal and external factors affecting the work performance, and 3) recommend guidelines to ground officers at Donmueang International Airport. According to the result of the Research, 1) The current condition on man - the man had insufficient knowledge on aviation and services, on machines - the machines were damaged and had normal wear and tear, on management - there was teamwork, on environment - there were inadequate parking lots, and on methods - they depend upon organization; 2) there were impacts on knowledge on aviation, services, laws on aviation, and safety, on skills of English language, on attributes’ honest qualifications, on good governance of colleagues, on procedures of work rules and regulations, on workplace environments, on passengers’ understanding, and on equipment and systems of weighing scales machines, and 3) on knowledge - related laws, safety system, and organizations’ products should be added, on skills - the third language should be taught, on attributes - personality and service etiquettes ought to be trained, on good governance - managerial - operating hierarchical level should be reduced, on procedure - rules and regulations ought to be updated, on workplace - There should provide sufficient parking lots, on passengers - the necessary sources of data should be provided to be more easy to have access to them, and on equipment and systems - baggage conveyor system ought to be improved.


Performance; Ground Officers; Aviation

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