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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Energy-Saving LED Lamps of Business Firms in the Food Industry

Duangporn Hongsawat, Suwattana Thepchit, Somporn Sirisumrannukul


This research aims to study the factors affecting the adoption of energy-saving LED lamps of business firms in the food industry. The quantitative survey research method was used in this study. The data were collected from a simple random sampling-based survey using a developed questionnaire that contains a series of closed ended questions with a 5-rating scale. The reliability of the questionnaire was found to be 0.91. All data from the survey conducted over 400 firms were thoroughly examined and statistically processed to obtain percentage, mean ( X ), standard deviation (S.D), correlation coefficient (R), multiple regression analysis and content analysis. The research results revealed that the forecast coefficient (R2) was as high as 0.75, indicating factors for the adoption ranked in descending order, were adopption of useful information toward decision making ( = 0.344), supporting guideline from the extent of change agents promotion support ( = 0.258), social mobility ( = 0.216), encouragement for the participation in energy efficiency ( = 0.167) and perceived attributes of innovation ( = 0.153).


Energy-saving Lamps LED; Adoption; Food Industry

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