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The Study of Learning Styles and Intelligences Related with Personal Status of The Technical Education Students

Suthida Chaichomchuen, Charun Sanrach, Namon Jerangsuwan


The purposes of the research study were 1) to study learning styles of the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Technical Education, 2) to study intelligences of the Technical Education Students (TES), 3) to study relationship between learning styles and personal status of TES, and 4) to study relationship between intelligences and personal status of TES. The samples were719 TES from 6 major fields, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and Computer Technology. Tools used in this study were learning styles questionnaire and intelligences questionnaire. Learning styles questionnaire had been developed from Grasha and Reichmann concept including 6 styles of Independent, Avoidant, Collaborative, Dependent, Competitive and Participant. Intelligences questionnaire had been developed from Gardner concept including 8 intelligences of Linguistics, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist. The statistics used to data analysis were frequency, percentage and Chi-square. The results of the study were as follows: 1) the maximum learning style of TES was Collaborative style, 35.80 percent, and Avoidant style was minimum, 2.54 percent. 2) The maximum intelligence of TES was Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence, 21.26 percent, and Linguistic intelligence was minimum, 1.83 percent. 3) The relationship between learning style and personal status of TES found that students with different class levels and types had different learning styles with significant the .05 level. 4) The relationship between intelligences and personal status of TES found that students with different sex had different intelligences with significant the .05 level.


Learning Style; Multiple Intelligence

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