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An Embedded PLC Development for Teaching in Mechatronics Engineering

Pornjit Pratumsuwan, Watcharin Po-ngaen


The major obstacles to teaching Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a variety of PLCs and the rapid pace of technological development with new models and innovations. Moreover, costs incurred in the setting up of comprehensive and modern PLC laboratory facilities, and in the required periodic updating of teaching material and equipment are, as a result, very high. After investigated the conception and features of PLC and embedded system, the development of the embedded PLC for teaching machatronics students is proposed in this paper with the seamless combination of the LabVIEW software and the ARM Microcontroller with the LabVIEW embedded module. The flexibility of the proposed PLC makes it relatively easy and less costly to teach the basic principle of different kinds of PLCs due to their variety and rapid change. The implementation of the embedded PLC is discussed and evaluated. The results of evaluation shows that embedded PLC can be taught satisfyingly.


programmable logic controller; embedded system; embedded PLC; mechatronics engineering

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