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Curriculum Development for Training Knowledge Manager in Vocational Education Institutes

Jirasak Vitta, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Siripan Chumnum


This research was aimed to develop the knowledge-based training program for knowledge managers in vocational education institutes in order to operate and implement the knowledge management effectively. The purposive samples in this research were selected from educational administrators or officials taking in charge of knowledge management issues. The participants were from vocational education institutions in the southern region. The steps of this research were implemented in 6 phases as (1) investigating the knowledge management in vocational education institutions, (2) determining the objectives and training topics, (3) designing the curriculum, (4) trying out the developed curriculum, (5) implementing the program with the sample group and (6) setting the focus group for research output discussion. The research results were concluded as follows; 1. From the knowledge management results in vocational education institutions, they strongly needed to employ the knowledge management process into their institutions whereas the knowledge management implementation was moderate. 2. From the efficiency of the developed training module, the efficiency from exercises and tests were 83.99 and 80.57 that were higher than the setting criteria (80/80). The efficiency of operation according to worksheet was up to 75.83% that was higher than the setting criteria (75%). Furthermore, from the trainees’ opinion evaluation, the overall training curriculum was highly appropriate with the average 4.50. 3. From the research output discussion, experts suggested that the training period should be extended according to its contents and activities, especially the practical activities needed to be brainstormed for establishing the knowledge management strategy plan and applying it into the real situations. Furthermore, the developed program should be employed by the related persons for the benefit of vocational education institutes.


Knowledge Management; Knowledge Manager; Learning Organization

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