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Beer Production from Rice Malt Based in Pilot-scale: Volatile Compounds and Sensorial Properties Analysis

Artit Kongkaew, Ulaiwan Usansa, Chokchai Wanapu


Production of beer from different ratios of rice malt:barley malt (50:50, 70:30 and 90:10) in 50L scale brewing plant was carried out. Commercial enzymes (TermamylSC® as heat-stable α-amylase, and Neutrase® as protease) as well as barley malt were added for improving the quality of rice beer. Fifth day of germinated rice at difference ratios was brewed. Maturation and carbonation steps of beer were performed at 14 days. Qualities of beer from various rice malt ratios including ethanol, color, residual sugar, volatile compounds, and sensorial properties. It was found that, the amount of ethanol in final beer was 3.18 – 4.00 %v/v. Rice malt beer contained isoamyl alcohol of approximately 571 - 620 ppm. The octanoic acid was 364 – 602 ppm which higher than the standard beer might be the off-flavor in beer. The overall impressionable score of 50% rice malt was good, while 70% and 90% rice malt beer were drinkable and can drink more.


Pilot-scale brewing; Rice malt; Volatile compounds and sensory analysis

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