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Knowledge Sharing System on Mobile Phones

Pensri Srisawat, Krisamant Wattananarong, Kanda Phunlapthawee


The purposes of this study were to develop a knowledge sharing system on mobile phones, to compare students’ learning achievement, and to investigate students’ satisfaction. This study consisted of two major stages, the development and implementation stages. The first stage was designed to develop the knowledge sharing system on mobile phones by using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in which it was validated by a panel of 5 experts in information technology using the black box testing method. The second stage was designed to implement the developed system to the students. The samples were 63 students of the Institute of Physical Education Suphanburi. They were selected by a cluster sampling method and assigned into two groups, 30 students in an experimental group studied with the developed system and 33 students in a control group studied with usual instruction. Data were analyzed by using arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t-test, and content analysis. The research findings indicated that knowledge sharing system on mobile phone consisted of five components : 1) social network 2) goal 3) content 4) technology supported knowledge sharing consisted of seven components: (4.1) user management system (4.2) course management system (4.3) content management system (4.4) test management system (4.5) report system (4.6) data management system and (4.7) course tools system 5) activity of knowledge sharing composed of 3 steps: (5.1) provided learning (5.2) processing the learning activities and (5.3) the learner evaluate. The efficiency of developed system was validated at a high level by the panel of experts. There was a significant difference between the students’ learning achievement of the two groups at the level of .01. The mean score of students’ learning achievement in the experimental group was higher than that in the control group studied with usual instruction. The students also rated their satisfactions on the developed system at the highest level as well.


Knowledge Sharing System; Knowledge Sharing; Mobile Phone; m-Learning

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