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Efficiency Measurement and Control Program of the Spit-type Air-Conditioning for Energy Conservation

Surasak Sawatrukkul, Chaiyapon Thongchaisuratkrul


The efficiency measurement and control program of spit-type air conditioning has been studied in this research. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 is used to develop the system and implemented in the studied room which has 2 air-conditioning units and set 25 ๐C in the room. The electrical power, temperature and humidity for both air supply and air return, and air flow are measured and recorded. This information is used to calculate the COP (Coefficient of Performance) and the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and sent to computer. The program selects the air-conditioning that has higher value of COP to run and stop the air conditioning that has lower value of COP. The experiment result shown that the energy consuming was reduced more than 14.70 % and the data can be used to analyze the performance of the air-conditionings for repairs or maintenance to achieve sustainable energy in the future.


Spit-type Air Conditioning; Coefficient of Performance; Energy Efficiency Ratio

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