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Important Factors for Grid-based Graphical Passwords

Nuttanont Hongwarittorn, Dhanuphat Kotchadapaphada


This research surveys the factors in designing a grid-based graphical password since the previous research on this topic has not been explained or given any reasons why the quantity or form of several important factors are used in much research of grid-based graphical passwords. This study was therefore designed to survey user opinions of important factors in creating grid-based graphical passwords. The survey results showed that respondents agreed that a 4*4 grid should be used to form a password. Images which should be used as passwords were concrete icons. The icons scored in the first two highest were photographs and images respectively. The number of image icons used as password choices were about 30 icons in a grid size of 5*6. Any Icon could be used as passwords repeatedly. Respondents preferred creating passwords by themselves to being generated by a machine; however, Surprisingly, respondents preferred the point and click to the drag and drop interaction style. In addition to the survey results, the preliminary relations between the factors and user’s demographic data were further analyzed. Several significant relations were found. Those survey factors would be further examined in experiments to check how usable and secured.


survey; graphical password; Grid-based Graphical Password

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