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Development Instructional Model in Maxwell Equation, Plan Wave and Power of Wave using SATADE Learning Model

Alongorn Promtee, Somsak Akatimagool


The objectives of this research are to developed and find the efficiency of an instructional model on maxwell equation, plan wave and power of wave topics. The concept of learning model and other related researches have been studied. Thus, we develop and design the student centered learning model called the SATADE learning model. In this research, we are interesting the electromagnetic wave and propagation topic that consists of three topics including the Maxwell equations, plane wave and power of wave. Then, the quality of developed research tools is evaluated by the five experts. The result shows that the SATADE learning model is more appropriate . Next, the developed research tools have used to try out with 20 sample students at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Khonkaen Campus. The research result shows that the efficiency of instruction package has 1.36 in correspondence with the Maguigans’s standard. The quality of learner's satisfaction is more satisfy level which agreed with the research hypothesis. The proposed learning model can be used effectively in the teaching of some part electromagnetic wave and propagation subject.


Instructional model; SADATE learning model; Maxwell equation; Plan wave; Power of wave

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