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A Prototype Machine for Measuring Pavement Skid Resistance and Rutting Under Various Cycles of Wheel Track

Suksun Horpibulsuk, Avirut Chinkulkijniwat, Warat Kongkitkul, Artit Udomchai, Smai Chotisakul, Sitthichai Siriphun


Literature reported that number of accidents was directly related to pavement skid resistance. Hence, a key element to enhance road safety is to maintain skid resistance of pavement. Due to no available machine to measure pavement skid resistance under cycles of wheel track, a prototype machine for measuring pavement skid resistance and rutting under various simulated cycles of wheel track was developed This prototype machine is flexible for future modification; i.e., various factors relating to traffic load such as wheel track cycle, and wheel track load can be adjusted using a software. Results of cyclic skid and rutting tests on an asphaltic pavement specimen show that rutting and rapid deterioration in pavement skid resistance are found at first 1000 cycles of wheel track. The rate of deterioration decreases with increasing wheel track cycle.


skid resistance; rutting, prototype; pavement

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