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Constructing of Sufficiency Characteristics Test Based on Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Mathayomsuksa 3 Students in Bangkok Metropolis

Plaimanat Kannang, Suntara Tobua, Warunee Lapanachokdee


The purpose of this research was to construct the sufficiency characteristics test based on sufficiency economy philosophy for Mathayomsuksa 3 students in Bangkok metropolis. The specific objectives were to construct and validate the sufficiency characteristics test; to set norms for interpreting the test score; and to construct the test manual. Using multi-stage random sampling method, research sample for test validation and norms construction consisted of 483 Mathayomsuksa 3 students who studied in school under Bangkok metropolis secondary educational service area office in second semester, academic year 2013. The constructed test comprised of 43 items which, aimed to assess three components of sufficiency on philosophy of sufficiency economy; modesty, rationality and have a good immunity which was based on two condition which was knowledge and morality. The test used situational questions which five multiple choices in each item according to the affective theory of Krathwohl, Bloom, and Masia. The five multiple choices had difference score in range of 1-5 score. The research results showed that the sufficiency characteristics test was adequate quality and could be used to assess the sufficiency characteristics based on sufficiency economy Philosophy for Mathayomsuksa 3 students in Bangkok metropolis. The significant findings were as follows: 1) The discrimination power of item were analyzed by t-test was different statistically significant at the .05 levels that ranged from 2.74-8.16 2) The construct validity of sufficiency characteristics test, investigated by confirmatory factor analysis, revealed that construct validity of sufficiency characteristics test was achieved. Chi-Square (χ2) was 862.55 (p = .071) with df. was 803; CFI was 0.9; TLI was 0.98; RMSEA was 0.01; and SRMR was 0.03 3) The concurrent validity was used the statistical test. It revealed that this test had concurrent validity by using the known-group technique which discriminated high and low sufficiency characteristics different statistically significant at the .01 levels 4) Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient for the whole test was 0.92 5) The local norms for the sufficiency characteristics test score interpretation presented in the form of normalized T-score for the whole test were in the range of T7-T78. 6) The manual for the test had objectivity, suitable and convenient for usability, easy to understand, and fully important composition.


ConstructingTest; Sufficiency Characteristics Test; Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

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