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Development of a Management Information System for Learning Modules

Vipa Jakchaikul, Krisamant Wattananarong


The purposes of this study were to develop a management information system for learning modules, to compare the learning achievement between the experimental group and control group, and to evaluate the students’ satisfactions of learning modules. The samples were 60 first-year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon. They registered in the course of Programming Language in the academic year 2012. They were selected by a purposive sampling method and assigned into two groups, 30 students in the experimental group and 30 students in the control group. The experimental group studied with learning modules developed by the researcher and the control groups studied with usual instruction. The developed management information system consisted of sub-systems for user management, teaching and learning management, and reporting in which it was evaluated by a panel of experts in information technology at a “very good” level. Learning modules were evaluated by a panel of experts in educational technology at a “good” level. Data were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, and the analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) statistic by using the pretest scores as the covariates. The results indicated that the efficiency of the learning modules was validated at 82.00 %, at an “acceptable” level by using the KW-CAI formulae. The achievement scores of the experimental group were higher than that of the control group at the significant level of .01. The students' satisfactions were rated at a “good” level.


Management Information System for Learning Modules

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