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Effect of using Cognitive Tools in Web Based Instruction upon Creative Problem Solving Skill of Undergraduate Students

Sarun Jaruchitsophon, Panita Wannapiroon, Pallop Piriyasurawong


The objectives of the research were, 1) to create web based instruction learning by using cognitive tools, 2) to compare an achievement the pretest of students and test them when they have learned by use cognitive tools in web based instruction, 3) to study a student’s satisfaction when they learn in cognitive tools in web based instruction. For example in this research, 30 students of North Bangkok University and the thing was used in this research such cognitive tools in web based instruction a document of evaluation lesson quality about content and technical, a study achievement document, a document of ability in writing and questionnaire of satisfaction. The statistic that used in research are the mean and standard deviation. From the result show cognitive tools in web based instruction of 3 contents and there are evaluate of the content and technical in good level. The students who have learned in web based instruction there are higher an achievement of study when they have learned than before. The statistical significance at .05 level. The students who have learned than before there are satisfy to use web based lesson in high level.


Web-based Learning; Cognitive Tools

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