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Development of Computer Games for Teaching Computer Courses Integrate Mathematics

Srisuda Daungtod, Prachyanun Nilsook, Panita Wannapiroon


The purpose of computer games development for teaching computer courses integrate mathematics were intended to develop the efficiency computer game, solve problems skill and students achievements. The sixth grade primary school students who learn computer basics through game-based learning. The problem with the computer skills to students solutions by integrating with the mathematics. The samples were 70 students that divided into two groups, which studying with computer games for teaching computer courses integrate mathematics group and studying with normal classes group. The instruments consisted of computer games for teaching computer courses integrate mathematics, achievement tests and problem solving tests. The result of study were the findings of the experts agree on high levels, the learning achievement was significantly different at .05 level and solving problem skills was significantly different at .05 level.


Game-based Learning; Computer Courses; Integrate Mathematics; Problem-Solving Skill

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