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Instructional Model with Webquest Using Problem-Based toward Problem Solving Ability and Critical Thinking

Surakij Prangsom, Pallop Piriyasurawong, Prachyanun Nilssok


The purposes of the research were 1) to develop the instructional model with Webquest using problem-based toward problem solving ability and critical thinking and 2) to assess the appropriation of the instructional model by experts. The samples were 16 experts selected by purposive sampling. Data collection tools were the instructional model and the assessment of appropriate model with 5-level rating scale. The statistics used in data analysis were mean and standard deviation. The results showed that 1) the instructional model process by system approach consists of 10 inputs factors, 12 process factors, 2 outputs factors and 1 feedback factor, and 2) expert opinions on the model developed were in the most appropriate level ( Mean = 4.51, S.D.= 0.59).


Instructional Model; WebQuest; Problem-Based Learning; Critical Thinking

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