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Development and Design of the Instruction Package in Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory on Microwave Passive Circuits using PESDEEP Learning Model

Somsak Thanaputtiwirot, Somsak Akatimagool


The objectives of this research have to develop and find the efficiency of a learning model and an instruction package on microwave passive circuits for a telecommunication engineering laboratory education. The research procedures are presented as following: to study the concept map and the trend of learning model. Next, to develop and design the student centered learning model called the PESDEEP learning model that consists of 7 steps as follow: 1) Preparation 2) Exploration 3) Solution 4) Discussion 5) Explanation 6) Experimental and 7) Progress. Next, we developed and created the laboratory instruction package that consists of an experiment sheets which four topics of laboratory, six passive microwave experiment circuits, power point presentation, post test and achievement test. After that, to evaluate the quality of learning model and instruction package laboratory were developed by 5 experts. The result showed that the PESDEEP learning model and the instructional package laboratory are more appropriate . Finally, the developed research tools have used to try out with the 25 sample students at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Khonkaen Campus. The research result showed that the efficiency of instruction package was 81.27/84.05 and the quality of learner's satisfaction was more satisfy level which agreed with the research hypothesis. The proposed learning model and the instructional package can be used effectively in the teaching of telecommunication engineering laboratory.


PESDEEP learning Model; Telecommunication engineering laboratory; Microwave circuit

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