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The Development of the Managing Model of the Co-operative Education Department in Academic Institutes

Narin Sridokmai, Yuthachai Bunterngchit, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Sunchai lnthapichai


This research aimed to study problems regarding co-operative education, to develop and to study efficiency of the managing model of the co-operation education units in universities. The subjects of this research composed of science and technology governmental universities. Various research-based processes were conducted including studies of documents, laws and regulations, attending seminar, survey and non-participate observation. The research process was commenced by in-depth interviewing the executive administrators and involved operators from universities to analyze current situation of management of the coop program in Thailand. All data obtained was analyzed in term of weakness, strength, opportunity and treat as well as successive factors. The management of the coop program was synthesized into 2 parts namely: administrators of the program and supporting mechanism. The developed model with composition in all aspects has been used and assessed satisfaction by the research subjects and thereafter recommended by the experts. The model was then adjusted and edited according to the experts’ recommendation. In conclusion, the development of the managing model of the co-operative education department in academic institutes comprised of an administration and the coop program division. The administrations are divided into three levels namely: university level, faculty level, and department level. Supporting mechanism to manage the coop program including seminars, document, promoted media, announcement and regulations, as well as manual for the coop program management.


the coop program management; the coop program division structure; the coop program implementation

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