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The Evaluation of Internal Quality Assessment Project of Kasetsart University At Faculty Level in BangKhen Campus

Ornuma Kaewmaneechot, Warunee Lapanachokdee, Boonreang Kajornsin


This research aimed to evaluate internal quality assessment project of Kasetsart University in academic year 2012. There are 3 specific objectives as follow; 1) To evaluate input of project. 2) To evaluate work process of project 3) To evaluate output of project. There were 3 target groups which were all concerned of internal quality assessment from faculty for 150 persons, 68 internal assessors and 5 officers project in charge, total amount for 223 persons. Research tools were data recorder, questionnaire, interview form and focus group form. To analyze quantitative data, frequency distribution and percent were used. To analyze qualitative data, content analysis was used. The conclusion of research were 1) In input of project, one point which passed assessment criteria was project budget. In contrary, failure points were (1) Qualification of evaluated committees (2) Handbook of indicators and criteria for internal assessment and (3) Work calendar. 2) In work process of project; 2.1) In preparing of evaluation, one point which passed assessment criteria was meeting of evaluated committees. In contrary, failure points were (1) Internal evaluation assessment calendar (2) Appointment of committees process (3) Meeting of evaluated faculty staffs. 2.2) In evaluation process, passed points were (1) Secretary coordination and (2) Evaluation Schedule which created by committee and faculty. Failure points were (1) Format of internal evaluation assessment (2) Calculation program of evaluation indicator (3) Self assessment report and documents (4) Information of internal quality assessment (5) Problems and solutions. 2.3) In aftering evaluation, Passing points were method of evaluated conclusion. Failure points were (1) How to monitor in internal quality assessment report of project officer in charge (2) How to monitor the shipment of updated development plans from evaluated faculty. 3) In output of project, there were two points which passed assessment criteria (1) Achievement in objective 1, Evaluated Faculty was monitored and evaluated according to quality assurance systems and mechanisms (2) Achievement in objective 2, evaluated faculty used assessment results to review education policy, improve the quality assurance system of university. Failure point was achieving the objective 3 of the project, Faculty had good practice which can be utilized.


Program Evaluation; Quality Assurance; Internal Quality Assessment

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