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The Strategic Leadership In Modern Good Corporate Governance : A Case Study of the Kasikorn Bank\, 2014 A.D.

Prapojanee Kittikachorn, Thanyathorn Sukhabanij


The objective of the research was to study the strategic leadership In modern good corporate Governance a case study of the Kasikorn Bank 2. to present leadersh of strategic Management corporate governance in modern governance case study of the Kasikorn Bank. Research methodology for both qualitative and quantitative. By using a qualitative research conducted in-depth interviews. The major contributors to the 31 key persons from all sectors of government, politics, academia and civil society, and especially the financial and banking. In quantitative research the questionnaire distributed to stakeholders in the world of finance of 358 people. The quantitative research that, the strategic leadership In modern good corporate governance is Must have outstanding technical knowledge, use the database as an intelligent organization. The research qualitative research that, the management of banks and a more socially responsible, management efficiency, good corporate governance, with the use of the database as an intelligent enterprise. So that brings strategic leadership of the Bank of Thailand to adapt the organization to the organization of information and knowledge. And to look for something other than the intended profits by "aim or goal is noble" than to seek profit. Responsible Ethics. 2. the "Research Model" of this doctoral dissertation can be summed up as the following: From “The Profit Maximization Money Machine" To “The Garuda Wings of Financial Knowledge”


Leadership; Strategy; The Modern Good Corporate Governance

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