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The Development of Instructional Computer on the Earth and the changes for Secondary Education Level 4-6

Noppadon Boonkuson, Beesuda Daoruang


The purposes of this research were 1) develop and find out efficiency of Instructional Computer., 2) develop learning achievement of students before and after learning by using Instructional Computer. and 3) to study the satisfaction of students when using Instructional Computer. The samples used in this study are took the easy random and were studying in Secondary Education Level 4 amount 5 schools. (1) Matthayomtaksinrayong School, Mueang district, Rayong Province 30 students. (2) Parkpleewittayakarn School, Parkplee district, Nakhonnayok Province 31 students. (3) Aranprathet School, Aranyaprathet district, Sa Kaeo Province 36 students. (4) Pakthongchai Prachaniramit School, Pakthongchai district, Nakhon Ratchasima Province 35 students. and (5) Mathayom Watmaikrongtong under Princess Sirinthon Patronag School, Si Maha Phot district,Prachinburi Province 51 students. The total sample included 183 students. By the time the sample is tested in the second semester, academic year 2015. The instruments used in this research were (1) Instructional Computer on the Earth and the changes for Secondary Education Level 4-6., (2) The learning achievement test of Instructional Computer. and (3) Satisfaction test of Students who have Instructional Computer.The period of data collection for each school using 2 week , 3 hours per week. After the scores and the data was analyzed and summarized. 1) The performance of the lessons tested with the sample of each school is as follows (1) 80.5/82.67 (2) 62.41/67.23 (3) 80.09/81.83 (4) 80.05/81.08 (5) 80.50/83.96 the total average of efficiency was 77.27/79.94. The hypothesis of the research setting at 75/75 higher than accordance with criteria determined. It is evident that there are only school 2 only lower than accordance with criteria determined. And schools 1, 3, 4 and 5 higher than criterion 80/80., 2) The learning achievement of students that after the learning higher than before learning was significantly at .05 level., and 3) Satisfaction showed a total average equally 4.40. Which showed that user feedback has shown that the Instructional is in good level. User satisfaction in the benefits the most with an average value 4.62 and the appropriate section of the accompanying music had an average of 3.94.


instructional computer; the earth and the changes; learning achievement

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