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The Development of Training Control and Quality Inspection for Acceptance of Automotive Parts with Batch Sampling Package

Yuth Kaiyawan


This research aim to 1) development training package for control and quality inspection for acceptance of automotive parts with batch sampling, 2) find out the efficiency of training package, based on the E1/E2 (80/80) and find out the learner’s effective index (E.I.) for each training unit, all of which should be greater or equal to the percentage of 60 (E.I.  percentage 60) and 3) follow up and evaluate the results after the experiment the training control and quality inspection for acceptance of automotive parts. The research tools was included an interview from. The results of the interview, the researcher were developed into a training package, and before training the researcher used the components of each training unit to find the consistency values using IOC technique to get values ranges from 0.60-1.00. Each training unit was try out with the KR-21 technique, resulted in the reliability of 0.8435 0.9838 0.9744 0.8247 and 0.8997, respectively. The experiment was then conducted with 24 trainees to analyze their mean ( X ), standard deviation (SD.), t-test, effectiveness index (E.I.) and E1/E2. The research results revealed the following: 1) The training package consisted of 5 units: (1) statistics and probability of sampling inspection for product: acceptance, (2) creating production control charts by variables, (3) creating production control charts by attribute, (4) sampling plan by variables with batch sampling for product acceptance and (5) sampling plan by attribute with batch sampling for product acceptance. 2) The effectiveness indexed (E.I.) for the training unit 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 were at the percentage of 62.27, 70.83, 66.94, 70.14 and 73.14 respectively, all of which were greater than 60 percent. 3) The efficiency of training package is equal to 81.90/85.90, based on the criteria established at E1/E2 which is defined as 80/80. 3) Monitoring of experimental evaluation, control and product quality inspection in establishment that participated in the experiment in July and August A.D. 2019. The products were under the control, and not waste products found. The probability of the product falling in the control area, more than 0.08 every checkpoints. The establishment were satisfied at a high level ( X = 4.26).


Effectiveness, Efficiency, Training Package, Control, Inspection

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