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The Potential Development Model of Human Resource Management in the Futuristic Automotive Parts Industry

Rinruedee Plaipetch, Teerawut Boonyasophon, Somnoek Wisuttipaet, Taweesak Roopsing


This research aims 1) to create human resource management potential development model for potential creation, and 2) to create the manual for the model of human resource management in the futuristic automotive parts industry. The sample size was 400 managing directors of human resources management department from 53 automotive parts factories in Chachoengsao, Chonburi, and Rayong. The research tools used were interview and questionnaire. The statistics for data analysis were the mean, standard deviation, correlation, and multiple linear regression analysis. The results of the research concluded that there were six key components of human resources management potential development model: 1) Leadership – (1.1) Coaching, (1.2) Leadership skills, and (1.3) Ability to work under pressure. These sub-elements could account for 36.20%; (2) Motivation in work – (2.1) Enhancing new learning opportunities, (2.2) Management of people and work, (2.3) Commitment to achieve goals and vision, and (2.4) Focusing on improving work development. These elements could account for 30.70%; (3) Communication in the organization - (3.1) Teamwork and coordination, (3.2) Communication in the presentation of work, and (3.3) Having human relations. These elements could account for 36.00%; (4) Creative thinking - (4.1) System thinking and analytical thinking, (4.2) Creativity and continuous work development, and (4.3) Focusing on new things. These elements could account for 30.20% ; (5) Human development potential - (5.1) Ethics and Integrity, (5.2) Analytical thinking in problem solving, (5.3) Ability to solve problem with new methods. These elements could account for 21.92%; and (6) Learning - (6.1) Ability to manage change continuously, (6.2) Knowledge in work and technical expertise, and (6.3) Problem solving and decision making. These found that the development model was appropriate and 98.33% found that it is possible to be adapted to actual. Experts’ opinions on this study were that is 97.92%. Moreover, based on the evaluation of experts, the model’s manual was suitable 98.96% was possible to apply 98.33%.


future automotive parts industry, development model, managing directors of human resource management department

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