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Antibiotic Use Behavior Among Clients in Nursing Room at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Prachinburi Campus

Panadda Kulchan, Araya Prasertchai, Warangkana Chankong


The objective of this research is to investigate 1) personal characteristics, 2) knowledge about antibiotics and use of antibiotics, 3) supportive factors affecting antibiotic use, 4) antibiotics use behaviors and 5) factors associated with behaviors of antibiotic usage among patients at KMUTNB Prachinburi Campus. The sample was 400 clients in the nursing room at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok Prachinburi Campus. The main research instrument included a questionnaire. Statistics used for data analysis were percentage, average, standard deviation and chisquare test. The results of the study revealed that 1) Most of the informants were female students with an average age of 21 years from Faculty of Technology and Industrial Management. Their highest education level was undergraduate degree. For the household monthly income, it was more than 25,000 baht, 2) Regarding the level of their knowledge about antibiotics, it was at low level, 3) The scores of the antibiotic use behaviors were at the moderate level, 4) The scores of the factors supporting antibiotic use behaviors were at the moderate level, 5) Factors associated with behaviors of antibiotics were knowledge about antibiotics and supportive factors affecting antibiotic use. According to the findings from this research, it can be recommended that the relevant agencies and departments should arrange a campaign or a project to raise people’s awareness on the use of antibiotics. Also, agencies and departments should provide advice about how to search for the information about antibiotics from reliable sources on the Internet.


Antibiotic, Knowledge, Support Factors, Antibiotic use behavior

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