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Development of Instructional Package on Pneumatic Control using PLC

Natt Siriwattananon, Nuchchada Kohpeisansukwattana, Songtham Deewanichsakul


The purposes of this study were to develop an instructional package on pneumatic control using PLC and to find the efficiency value of this newly developed instructional package. The samples used in this study comprised 22 second-year students majoring in Mechanical Technology (Continuing Program), Faculty of Industrial Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi, and were selected by using the purposive sampling technique. The tools used in this study consisted of the instructional package on pneumatic control using PLC, the theory test, and the practical test. The experimental process began with testing the students’ basic knowledge by using the pre-test. Then they were taught with the developed instructional package. During the learning process, they had to do exercises and practice following the given worksheets. After finishing every learning topic, they were tested both in theoretical and practical parts. The scores derived from the exercises and the post-test were used to calculate the efficiency value of the instructional package. The following statistical measures, namely, the percentage, the arithmetic mean, the t-test, and the efficiency value, were used to analyze the collected data. The results showed that the developed instructional package had a theoretical efficiency value of 84.39/80.15 and the practical efficiency value of 85.23/82.73, each of which was higher than the set criterion of 80/80.


Instructional Package; Pneumatics; PLC

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