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Hilarious moment father photobombs girl's video presentation

by Shirleen Pridham (2021-12-21)

A hilarious father photobombed his daughter's video presentation for her teacher with some impressive dance moves in footage which has since gone viral.   

In the video, little Delaney says 'so today we're going to be doing some crafts' as she moves the camera into position in her kitchen in Beaverton, Oregon.

She then instructs her Amazon Alexa to play Kidz Bop's Uptown Funk as she begins the tutorial, terbaik sumatera stamping and pouring glitter glue on a sheet of paper.

Unbeknownst to her, Delaney's father Isaac had entered the kitchen while she worked, dancing furiously to the track in the background of the shot.

However, after one particularly loud move, Delaney tells those watching 'that's just my dad' before diligently continuing the presentation for her first-grade teacher.