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The Application of Gas-assisted System for Design and Making of Plastic Injection Mold for Handle

vatcharal LaiLuck


          Gas assisted injection molding is unpopularity production process for plastic industry in Thailand because of process informations lacking. The surface quality problem and uncontrolled dimension of workpiece occur frequently as the result of nitrogen flow behavior. Furthermore gas assisted mold design is complicated when compare with conventional mold design due to gas unit and particular gate design. Aims of this research is to study and compare the related information between conventional and gas assisted injection molding. Especially cost, quality and part weight are compared in this research. Moldex 3D which is computer program for plastic flow analysis was used for simulation of plastic flow behavior while gas was injected into mold impression. Plastic part that used in this research for results comparison is water canteen handle. Plastic material of typical part is PP (Polypropylene) and plastic injection machine size 50 tons was used for experimental. Nitrogen was used in plastic injection experiment in the reason of lower cost and inflammable. Size of gas injection unit is 280 bars. The results of experiment, dimension tolerances between conventional and gas assisted are different approximately 0.087 mm. Part could assembly with water canteen and was tested for part stiffness in the condition of 2 kg containing. Cost for gas assisted injection molding parts were reduced 0.22 bath/piece when compared with conventional process.


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