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The Development of Competency-Based Learning Module for Medical Educational Technologists on Publishing Design

Teerapong Wiriyanon


The purposes of this research were to: 1) develop the occupational standard of medical educational technologists on publishing design  2) develop and evaluate the quality of competency-based learning module for medical educational technologists on publishing design. The research procedure included 2 phases: phase 1- the occupational standard development- this phase was carried out through functional analysis and was validated by 32 specialists who considered and certified the developed occupational standard. Phase 2- the development of competency-based learning module- this phase was conducted by applying the competency concepts to develop the learning module, the qualitative objective had been set from performance criteria and evaluation tool. validated by 5 specialists. Module was quality evaluated have been tried-out with 18 third year students of Technology Graduated Program in the field of Medical Educational Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University. They studied on the subject of publishing design for one semester. Then, they were tested for the learning achievement and were asked for their opinions on the module.

The results can be concluded that: 1) the occupational standard of the medical educational technologists on graphic design consists of one key purpose, five key roles, seven key functions, six unit of competencies, and eleven element of competencies.  2) The competency-based learning module consisted of 6 learning units and 11 learning objectives. Each module comprised content, classroom and online learning media, test, evaluation form, and evaluation criteria. The specialists validated the developed learning module at good level and appropriate for practical use. and every learner achieved the learning criteria at 80% and reported their opinions towards the blended learning management at good level. 


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