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The Development of Self-directed Supplementary Learning Module on Hydraulics System

Jirasak Vitta


The purpose of this experimental research is to develop and validate of self-directed multimedia learning in Hydraulic.  The researcher has studied the need of The Self-directed Learning in Hydraulic By survey data from students, in the Department of Teacher Training in Mechanical Engineering; Faculty of Technical Education, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok. 28 the samples were undergraduate students were have to learn subs it 219350 pneumatic and hydraulic, for the other be trued. The survey results indicate that learners did not enough visual learning use outside class. Students manually commented that the media should be in multimedia. So, the results and developed the self-directed multimedia learning kit in Hydraulic for student to study outside class. The sample for the field work experiment consisted of 21 undergraduate students enrolled in the class of Pneumatics and Hydraulics (219350) in academic year 2/2012, with the purposive sampling while. Content for The multimedia self-directed Learning consisted of 8 topics of learning.  To complete the experiment, learners were required to complete pretest before studying Self-directed Learning system. Ruing the study, the learners had to do the exercise often each topic to evaluate. After finishing the work learning last, the learners also were required to do the final test or posttest to check then academic progress. The pretest, posttest and exercises score were calculated and analyzed to find out the difference between pretest and posttest by research statistical, T-Test. the results of this research revealed that the efficiency of the developed Hydraulic Self-directed Learning kit was 91.61/82.00 higher than the standard criteria at 80/80 there was a statistically significant difference between the pre-test and post-test score at .01 levels.


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