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The Development of Core Habits for Employee Working in Industrial Business

น.ส.ชนิดา ลีลาสุวรรณสิริ, สักรินทร์ อยู่ผ่อง, อัคครัตน์ พูลกระจ่าง, นุชลี อุปภัย


This research aimed to develop core habits for employees working in industrial business by using research and development method. The sample studied were 30 employees selected by purposive sampling. The instruments applied in the study included activity arrangement manual for core habit development constructed by researcher and questionnaire to follow up employee’s core habits. The statistics used for data analysis were mean, standard deviation and t-test.
The results were as follows:
1. Seven significance core habits for employees working in industrial business were found as 1) responsibility, 2) diligence and endurance to hard work, 3) desire to learn and continue self- practice, 4) awareness of what to do and not to do, 5) recognition of work priorities, 6) creativity, and punctuality.
2. Regarding the development of 7 core habits implemented according to activity arrangement manual for core habit development, it was found that the scores of employees’ core habit evaluation before and after participating the activities were statistically different with a level of .01 significance as the scores after activity participation were higher than the scores before activity participation. Furthermore, it was found that the employees participating the activities were satisfied with the activity participation at high level.
3. With respect to the follow up and evaluation of employees’ core habits after activity participation for 3 month time, it was found that all 7 core habits evaluated by the employees themselves and his/her colleagues as well as his/her supervisor were still at high level.



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