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A Development of Tourism-Related Websites Design Guidelines for Senior Web Users

Pitisan Inthapichai, Thippaya Chintakovid


This research aims to develop tourism-related website design guidelines for senior web users to help elderly users to make plans and decisions for travelling through the appropriate websites about tourism for the elderly. Researchers developed a tourist website and recruited 30 people who were over 60 years old, had experience in browsing the internet, and had an interest in travelling to test the usability of the website. The evaluation of usability was based on five features which were learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors and satisfaction. Results showed that the sample was able to easily learn to use the website (x¯ = 4.05, SD = 0.40) and had high satisfaction with the developed website (x¯ = 4.27, SD = 0.40). The average time they spent working on activities on the developed site was significantly less than the time used on an existing tourism websites at .05 level of statistical significance t (29) = 14.36, p = .000. Moreover, the senior web users could easily learn to use the Automatic Trip Planner menu (x¯ = 4.25, SD = 0.40).


Web Design Guidelines; Seniors web users

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