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Vol 9, No 1 (2018)

January - April 2018

This is the first issue of the year 2018 (January - April) of the Technical Education Journal KMUTNB.

Table of Contents

Academic Articles

A Development of Tourism-Related Websites Design Guidelines for Senior Web Users PDF
Pitisan Inthapichai และ Thippaya Chintakovid 1-9
Model Development for Staff to Become Executives of Hotel Industry PDF
Pisit Patumban , Suwattana Thepjit , Supatta Pinthapataya และ Preeda Attavinijtrakarn 10-17
The Development of Training Course on Participatory Preparation System for Vocational Students through Deming Cycle PDF
Chatchai Punnurat , Pairote Stirayakorn และ Pisit Methapatara 18-27
The Development of Modified Jigsaw Technique Training Course for Trainers on Teaching Management Model for Bachelor Degree in Technology under Cooperation between Educational Institutes and Enterprises PDF
wichai chuenchart , Pairote Stirayakorn และ Pisit Methapatara 28-37
Administration for Educational Measurement and Evaluation of Basic Education Schools in 21st Century PDF
Warasate Kesisang และ Prasert Intarak 38-46
The Model Developed Readiness Middle Management of Industrial Air Conditioning Parts in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) PDF
Chamlong Sukaied , Mongkol Wangsathitwong และ Taweesak Roopsing 47-55
Success and Failure of Community-Based Enterprises: A Case Study on Weaving Groups, Sridonchai Subdistrict, Chiangkhong District, Chiangrai Province PDF
Nattira Horpibulsuk และ Preecha Upayokin 56-65
The Development of Knowledge Management Model for the Vocational Course Development by Total Quality Management PDF
Yongyut Prombut , Pisit Methapatara และ Monchai Tiantong 66-75
A Model Synthesis of Activity Based Learning with e-Mentoring System to Enhance Creative Thinking for Secondary School Students PDF
Suchira Meearsa , Jiraphan Srisomphan และ Krich Sintanakul 76-84
The Solving Process of the Financial Liabilities Problems of Teachers and Education Personnel PDF
Preecha Wiyaporn , Nopadol Chenaksara และ Prasert Intarak 85-94
Information System Development for Contingent Instruction on Logistics PDF
Tommanee Sooksai และ Krismant Whattananarong 95-102
Comparative Study on Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Financial and Accounting Officers in King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok and Suan Dusit University PDF
Potjanart Kuesakul 103-111
Development of a Decision-making Tool for Choosing Traffic Signal Controls under Within-day Traffic Variations PDF
Anon Chantaratang และ Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan 112-120
ACDD for Protecting Information leakage PDF
Tanyaporn Sridokmai , Somchai Prakancharoen และ Nalinpat Porrawatpreyakorn 121-132
Video art: Narratives of Thai Song Dam ethnic group in Nakhon Pathom Province PDF
Nopparat Kumpa , Kamol Phaosavasdi และ Pornprapit Phaosavasdi 133-141
Predictive Analytic for Student Dropout in Undergraduate using Data Mining Technique PDF
Chanidapa Boonprasom และ Charun Sanrach 142-151
The Development of Training Program on Quality Assurance and Self-directed Teaching Development through Information Technology PDF
Thaweewat Ruenrui , Pisit Methapatara และ Pairote Stirayakorn 152-160
The Administration for Characterization of Citizenship in Student at School under Municipality PDF
Supannika Pongphasook และ Prasert Intarak 161-169
The Academic Affairs Administration Innovations of Basic Education School Administrator PDF
Wilai Pruksakorn และ Nopadon Chenaksara 170-178
The Training Course Development on Curriculum Quality Management Model by Using PAOR Administrative Cycle PDF
Pradit Hoktha , Pisit Methapatara และ Anoma Siripanich 179-188
Engineering Performance of Asphalt Concrete AC Duopave PDF
Suksun Horpibulsuk , Runglawan Rachan , Cherdsak Suksiripattanapong , Thaworn Takaikaew4 , Phattarasuda Witchayaphong และ Smai Chotisakul 189-197
The Development of Consciousness Test of ASEAN Community for School Administrators PDF
Kwanjai Phothongnak และ Prasert Intarak 198-206
Cooperation Management for \"Ban Wat Roangrean Project\" PDF
Kanyarat Yamsrikaew และ Prasert Intarak 207-214
The Development of Training Course for Department Heads in Colleges under Office of the Vocational Education Commission based on Particular Competencies PDF
Kanjana Nguanklang , Teravuti Boonyasopon , Promsawat Tipkongka และ Wichien Ketsingha 215-224
Developing a Project-Based Learning Model for Integrating Learning Activities with Academic Services to Communities Using Digital Technology PDF
Worapapha Arreerard 225-236
The Formation of Participative Strategic Administration Model for Teacher Professional Development into Student Based on the 21st Century Learning Skills PDF
Tatsanee Panomsannarin 237-246

Research Articles

The Integrated Student Relationship Management via Internet of Things Technology for Sustainable Development University PDF
Rukthin Laoha และ Panita Wannapiroon 247-255
Paths Leading to Success for Enterpreneurs PDF
Pramoch Thammakorn และ Wirat Duangjinda 256-264

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