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ACDD for Protecting Information leakage

Tanyaporn Sridokmai, Somchai Prakancharoen, Nalinpat Porrawatpreyakorn


The objective of research was to develop analgorithm for cryptic distribute databases (ACDD) for distributed database management of the encrypted data to solve the problem of information leakage caused by fraud DBAs. The used techniques were Paillier homomorphic Polynomials ring, Shamir's Secret Sharing scheme and transformation graph. The Advantages of this algorithm were that it can solve the problem of dishonest dealers and dishonest participants who try to deceive other participants data and enables perform calculations on encrypted data without decryption on which the calculation was carried out, with respect of the data confidentiality.


Cryptosystem; Paillier encryption; Homomorphic encryption; Secret sharing; Transformations

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