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Engineering Performance of Asphalt Concrete AC Duopave

Suksun Horpibulsuk, Runglawan Rachan, Cherdsak Suksiripattanapong, Thaworn Takaikaew4, Phattarasuda Witchayaphong, Smai Chotisakul


This research investigates the probability of using asphalt concrete AC Duopave as a new pavement and repaired pavement. The studied aggregate was limestone, which is locally available in Thailand. The engineering behavior of AC Duopave was compared with that of Marshall’s asphalt concrete, which is a standard asphalt concrete pavement of rural roads in Thailand. Test results showed that the engineering properties (indirect tensile strength, resilient modulus, indirect tensile fatigue and dynamic creep) of AC Duopave were superior to those of Marshall’s asphalt concrete for the same air voids. The air voids affected engineering properties of AC Duopave: the indirect tensile strength, resilient modulus and indirect tensile fatigue of AC Duoapave increased while the dynamic creep of AC Duoapave decreased as the air voids decreased.


Asphalt concrete AC Duopave; Indirect tensile strength; Resilient modulus; indirect tensile fatigue; dynamic creep

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