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Using the R2D2-Kmap System for Develop to Enhance Teacher Competency

Kannika Thongphan, Suthida Chaichomchuen, Charun Sanrach


The purposes of this research were, 1) to synthesize a model of learning activity by the R2D2 Model through knowledge maps (R2D2-Kmap Model), 2) to develop a system using the R2D2-Kmap Model, 3) to find the effectiveness of the developed system, 4) to compare the academic achievement of the students before and after learning by using the developed system; and 5) to determine the student’s satisfaction after learning by using the developed system. Research processes were consisted of 3 phases as follows, 1) synthesize and assessment of learning model which synthesized by 23 experts. 2) develop a learning system by using the R2D2-Kmap Model and assessed the quality of learning system by 5 experts, and 3) research and data collection, the sample consisted of 34 first year students from the faculty of education; Institute of Physical Education Phetchabun Campus by purposive sampling. The research results were as follows, 1) received the R2D2-Kmap Model and suitable of learning model were in “highest” level (X


ABL, knowledge maps; online learning; R2D2 Model; teachers competencies

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