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Vol 9, No 2 (2018)

May - August 2018

This is the second issue of the year 2018 (May - August) of the Technical Education Journal KMUTNB.

Table of Contents

Academic Articles

Using the R2D2-Kmap System for Develop to Enhance Teacher Competency PDF
Kannika Thongphan , Suthida Chaichomchuen และ Charun Sanrach 1-12
Desirabled Competencies of Training Officers in Automotive Industries\, using Delphi Technique PDF
Wongkot Sriphen และ Ravewan Shinatrakool 13-21
The Development of Computer Instruction on Object-Oriented Programming Subject Using in The for Collaborative Learning Via Social Media PDF
Rattana Leerungnavarat และ Duangkamol Phonak 22-29
Effect of Hydraulic Properties of Backfill and Geocomposite Drainage Materials on Seepage Response in Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls PDF
Irin Limrat , Avirut Chinkulkijniwat และ Suksun Horpibulsuk 30-39
Development of Blended Training Program on Project Subject Model With Public Participation PDF
Chalat Uithawonying , Pisit Methapatara และ Anoma Siripanich 40-48
A Study of Travelling Behavior and Attitudes of Tourists Toward Development in Tourist Landmark of Prachinburi Province PDF
Supisa Phumdej และ Warach Madhyhamapurush 49-56
Developing an Integrative Learning Activities Based on STEM Education Approach PDF
Worapapa Arreerard 57-69
The Educational Impact Assessment of School Transferred to Affiliated Local Organization Administration PDF
Tidaporn Pengnoo และ Nopadol Chenaksara 70-79
Developing of the Knowledge Management System for Planning for College Administrator under the Office of Vocational Education Commission PDF
Prajya Pradapvit , Theerawut Boonyasopon และ Monchai Tiantong 80-90
A study of Optimum asphalt content in Warm-mix asphalt concrete with Reclaimed asphalt pavement PDF
Pitchayaporn Macharoen และ Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha 91-99
The Development of Training Curriculum for Head of Vocational Department to Focus on Student Oriented Learning using Constructivism PDF
Chaiwat Henthuk , Monchai Tianthong และ Chaiwichit Chianchana 100-109
Effect of Performing U-turns in Exclusive Right-turn Lane at Signalized Intersection Based on Passenger Car Size PDF
Yhotsawat Settakulsit และ Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan 110-117
A Development Training Program of Academic Administration System for Science Based Technology College by Result Based Management Using Participation Methodology PDF
Jira Chalearmsak , Pisit Methapatara และ Monchai Tiantong 118-126
The Passengers’ Confidence for Choosing Thai Budget Airlines PDF
Jirunya Wutthiphongphiphat และ Areerat Sensod 127-133
The Model Strategy of Service Marketing for Successful Health Spa Business
Tussachon Phongpakawat และ Jirasak Jiyachan 134-143
The Measurement Instrument for Transformational Leadership of Secondary School Administrator for Scale PDF
Kulab Hongthong และ Nopadol Chenaksara 144-153
The Evaluation on Website Management of Online-Based Professional Experience Supervisory System on Teaching Theories for Technical Supervisors in Undergraduate Level of Technical Education PDF
Kanitta Hinon , Tipkesorn Boonumpai และ Pongprasert Hoksuwan 154-160
The Particular Characteristic Indicators of Secondary School Administrator PDF
Paramaporn Yamamoto และ Nopadol Chenaksara 161-169
The Study of Desired Competencies of Vocational Internship Students Based on Enterprise Needs PDF
Chakkrawut Disaeng , Anoma Siripanich และ Raweewan Chinatrakul 170-179
Blended Training Course to Develop E-learning Lessons for Instructors with Less IT Experience PDF
Somphit Yoma , Monchai Tiantong และ Chaiwichit Chianchana 180-190
The Result - Based Management of Information Technology for Education Center in the Primary Educational Service Area Office PDF
Chaisak Tangnitipitajak และ Prasert Intarak 191-198
The Effect of Internal and External Factors on Marketing Strategies and Export Performance of Thai Furniture Products PDF
Veerapong Malai 199-208
The Strategies of Information and Communication Technology Administration for Secondary School PDF
Waraporn Paenchaeng และ Prasert Intarak 209-216
The Low-Cost Carrier Passenger’s Perceptions of Rules and Regulations of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials PDF
Nada Raksamani , Waraporn Temkaew และ Apirada Namsang 217-225
The Supervision for Instructional Capacity Development of the English Teacher PDF
Siriwan Leekitcharoenphon , Prasert Intarak และ Nopadol Chenaksara 226-234
A Synthetic of Model Using Project-Based Learning with Participatory Action Research and Authentic Assessment PDF
Supanee Thamma , Krich Sintanakul และ Charun Sanrach 235-243

Research Articles

Marketing for Entrepreneur in Digital Era PDF
Pramoch Thammakorn และ Phatthira Keawkerd 244-250
Inclusion Teaching by Project Based Learning: Opportunity for Special Need Learner to Enhance Learning Culture PDF
Titiya Netwong 251-257

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