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A Study of Travelling Behavior and Attitudes of Tourists Toward Development in Tourist Landmark of Prachinburi Province

Supisa Phumdej, Warach Madhyhamapurush


This research aims to explore tourists’ behavior and attitude toward a development of tourist Landmark of Prachinburi province. This quantitative research used questionnaire as a tool in collecting data through random interview questions, asking 400 respondents. The participants were randomly selected from Thai tourists whom travelling in area of the province. Under the main purpose, this research investigated the potential tourist behavior and their personal status that caused impact in tourist landmark in Prachinburi. The analysis was performed using frequency and percentage method. The tourists attitude toward the development of tourist landmark in Prachinburi, has been analyzed by means and standard deviation. The outcome of the study shows that most of the tourists were female age 21 – 30, with Bachelor degree, employed by private sectors and having the range of salary between 15,000 – 25,000 baht per month, living in Bangkok and the nearby provinces. They were spending the day with family, travelling by car. The tourists have received information from on-line and media. They were visiting Khoayai National Park, Choapraya-Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, and Naraesuan the Great Shrine for their recreation. The attitude toward development of tourist Landmarks of Prachinburi related to tourist landmarks and the guidepost, it was point out their opinion toward the development of route conditions and roadside as rated high. However, other aspects required to be developed were moderated. Therefore, the province should aim to develop other aspects of tourist landmark to be able to serve more visitors too.


Behavior; Attitude; Development; Tourist Landmarks

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