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Adaptive Exercises by Learner’s Knowledge and Confidence

Prakasit Changsuphan, Soradech Krootjohn


The purposes of this research were: 1) to synthesize a model of adaptive exercises by learner's knowledge and confidence (AEKC) 2) to study the effect of using the model developed. 3) to determine the satisfaction of students to the system developed. The research consisted of two phases: The first step is to develop model AEKC. The sample groups used in this study was the five experts who evaluated the model and three experts who evaluated the system developed according to synthesized model. The second step is to study the results of using the model. A sample group was 2nd year diploma students at the College of Industrial Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok obtained by simple random sampling of 30 students. The students learned through exercises that were built from the model on the subject; of Beat, Sound intensity and Sound intensity level, then the satisfaction and students learning achievement were evaluated. The results showed that expert opinions on the model and the system built from model were at high level. The students’ posttest scores were higher than the pretest ones at the statistically significant level of .01. The students’ satisfaction was at the high level


Adaptive exercise,; Self-efficacy and learner’s confidence

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