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Vol 3, No 2 (2012)

July - December 2012

This is the second issue of the year 2012 (July - December) of the Technical Education Journal KMUTNB.

Table of Contents

Academic Articles

The Comparison of Photography 1 Learning Achievement on Lighting and Photography between using Illustrated and Non Illustrated Cartoon Book PDF
Supachai Tansiri 1-9
Development of e-Learning Following Gagne’s Teaching Method for the Principles of the Use of Thai Language Course in Schools in Bangkok Area PDF
Hathairat Limkul และ Pallop Piriyasurawong 10-17
Adaptive Exercises by Learner’s Knowledge and Confidence PDF
Prakasit Changsuphan และ Soradech Krootjohn 18-24
Creditability and Innovation Adoption of Online Newspapers PDF
Tana Toommanon และ Krismant Whattananarong 25-33
Meeting Employers’ Expectation: An Analysis of Thai Students’ Performance PDF
Tongdee Cheevapruk 34-40
The Comparison Effects of Student Typing Skills trained with the developed Sight-Sound-Say CAI System and Typical System PDF
Wisit Lumchanow และ Manit Sittichai 41-48
Web Mining Based Framework for Improving E-Learning Systems PDF
Sarinthip Thaweedej , Charun Sanrach และ Choochart Haruechaiyasak 49-58
Pattern Design: the Handing Down of Local Wisdom of the Silversmiths in Khwaosinarin District PDF
Durongrit Ekwongsa 59-71
A Novel Yield Surface for Unsaturated Soils PDF
Somjai Yubonchit และ Avirut Chinkulkijniwat 72-80
A Study of Blended Learning Model in Basic Courses of Engineering PDF
Sayamon Insaard 81-89
Development of Training Package Based on Active Experimentation Learning in Fundamental of Robotics PDF
Numchoke Wattananaiya , Wichai Chaikra , Surat Sakulhom , Poolsak Koseeyaporn และ Wanchai Talanont 90-99
The Study of Training Outcome for Blending Training Program Integration with Knowledge Management System for New Researcher in Research Proposal Performing PDF
Duangkamol Phonak , Sageemas Na-Wichian และ Monchai Tiantong 100-110
Using LMS for Educational Institutions in Thailand PDF
Amnat Sawatnatee , Namon Jeerungsuwa และ Panitan Wannapiroon 111-119

Research Articles

Ubiquitous Computing: Basis to the Intelligent SMEs PDF
Prateep Lertchaiprasert , Namon Jeerungsuwa และ Panitan Wannapiroon 120-128
Connectivism: How to Prepare for Thai Society in Digital Age PDF
Annop Piyasinchart , Namon Jeerungsuwa และ Panitan Wannapiroon 129-137

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