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Student Satisfaction toward Student Affairs service, Faculty of Technical Education\, King Mongkut\’s University of Technology North Bangkok

Melada Klinmalee


This research aims : 1) to study the students’ satisfaction toward Division of Student Affairs services Student Affairs service, Faculty of Technical Education, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. The division was divided into 5 sections that included the orientation for new students, ethics training and group relations for new students, student affair service, student guidance and counseling service and scholarship service. And 2) to compare of students’ satisfaction on Division of Student Affairs services were carried out. The subjects used in this study were 291 of undergraduate students who studied in 2nd semester in the year 2011. The tool used was a five-level rating scale questionnaire. The data obtained was analyzed by using frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation, one way Anova analysis and pair differences test using Scheffe method. The statistical significance level of .05 was determined using the SPSS program. The results revealed that 1) the student satisfaction on the Student Affairs services; Faculty of Technical Education is generally high.  The most satisfaction is the ethics training and group relations for new students while the less satisfaction is scholarship services. 2) The comparison of student satisfaction on the services provided by the Student Affairs was conducted in each department. In general, it was found that the student satisfaction exhibited different statistical significance level of .05. Using Scheffe method, one pair difference was found between Department of Computer Education and Department of Teacher Training in Mechanical Engineering. The students from the former had satisfaction higher than that of the latter.


Student satisfaction; Student Affair; Faculty of Technical Education

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